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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Fargo! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Fargo, ND. You want a company that you can trust to deal with your animal infestation, and we take pride in providing the highest level of service which is reflected in our reputation in the community. Our caring team of telephone advisers can offer practical advice and will appreciate your frustrations with a wild animal problem, while they can also arrange for one of our technicians to visit your property at a time that suits you. We will always look to provide a competitive quote for dealing with your animal problem, while we also use the latest techniques and equipment. The key part of dealing with an infestation comes with the identification step of the process, and our technicians take care to identify the species, and the areas of the property where they are likely to be present. One of the key ways of identifying animals is through their droppings, but these can also transmit diseases including histoplasmosis and salmonella if you come into contact with them. To keep you and your family safe, we also offer a full clean-up and sanitation service once the animals have actually been dealt with. Call us now at 701-402-4393 for your Fargo wildlife control needs.

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Fargo Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Can North Dakota Raccoons OPEN Your Windows and Doors? Beware the Furry Thieves!

Raccoons are known for being smart and crafty Fargo creatures. They can do things that we never thought were possible. North Dakota raccoons can easily manipulate the latches in our doors and windows. This is especially true if they are motivated. For instance, they may open the doors of our chicken coop to steal the eggs inside. Depending on your locking mechanism, the raccoon will be able to easily get an access inside your house.

Types of Locks that Raccoons Can Open

In a study performed on raccoons, they found out that the animal has an ability to open different locking mechanism. In the said experiment, a food was placed inside a wooden box that will serve as an extra motivation for the animal to open the lock. They' ve designed the door to open outward once the lock has been opened. Here are some of the locks that they' ve used.

Button-the button lack was adjusted to make it thrust at an angle of 40-degrees. It was positioned at the upper corner of the box.

Gate Hook- The Fargo gate hook was placed at the center of the door. Depending upon the trial, it was designed tom move either left or right.

Bolt-During the experiment, they decided to use the standard type of bolt and placed it at the left side of the wooden box.

Plug- connected with a blot and introduced at the top of the box.

Apart from the basic locking North Dakota mechanism, the group also used combinations of locking mechanism that will challenge the creativeness and resourcefulness of the creature.

The Result of the Study

Based on the result, they noticed that the raccoons will have different variations when interacting with the locks. They also discover the incredible speed of animal' s adaptability. For instance, when the button was introduced, the raccoon started to reach inside the wooden box at first. However, after the animal realized that it will not work, it suddenly changed its method. This is the same behavior that the animal showed at the different locks used. Apart from the adaptability skill of the raccoon, this also allowed the expert to understand the learning curve of the animal. They found out that the learning curve of raccoon closely resembles the learning capacity of higher animals and men.

How to Keep Them Away

Now that you are aware about the Fargo animal' s capacity to open locking mechanism, you need to know what type of locks you should use that will keep your house protected from their visit. Perhaps the best locks that you can use are locks that requires an opposable thumb to open such as a carabiner. The animal will find it hard to open this type of lock. You should also seal the entry points that the animal can use to invade our house. Also, by reducing the foods that can motivate them in entering your house, you will avoid capturing their interest.

Raccoons are intelligent creature and you will need to outsmart them if you want to keep them off your North Dakota premises. There are simple and proven ways to prevent them from invading your property.