All the Info You Need on North Dakota Skunks and Their Spray

Being a victim of the North Dakota skunk spray is something that you will not easily forget. It is simply hard to ignore the scent of their spray. The spray is so potent that you may acquire them by passing through the grass that has recently been sprayed. Skunks has an amazing sense of hearing and smell. They are known for having a poor eyesight. However, this will not prevent them from accurately targeting their victim with their obnoxious smelling musk.

Why Do Fargo Skunks Spray?

The skunks are skillful in utilizing their gland that secrete spray when using this against their enemy. The skunk will not solely rely on their spray to defend against predator. They will choose to avoid confrontation first, rather than to confront it. Unfortunately, due to their poor eyesight, there are instance when their encounter with humans or pets will surprise them.

Since the supply of the spray will be limited, the Fargo skunk will first warn the attacker by exhibiting a series of action. This will give you enough time to back away and remain safe from the spray of the skunk. It is necessary to remain aware about their habit to avoid being a victim. The skunk will first hiss and will show signs of aggressiveness to intimidate the attacker. In case this failed to work, they will stomp their feet and will then raise their tail. This is to warn their enemy that they will be releasing their spray. Once they are ready to spray, the tail will become erect and the spray will be delivered to their target.

An Overview of the Skunk Spray

Scent gland of the skunk will have some similarity with the anal gland of our pets. They will be positioned near the anus of the skunk that will produce the greasy secretion. This will contain a sulfur; therefore, the odor of the spray will resemble the scent of the rotten egg. It contains chemicals that are not water soluble and attach to the skin protein. This makes it difficult to remove the scent of the spray. Some of the chemical compound has a reactive property to anything wet. Giving your pet a bath after being sprayed can make the odor worse.

Spray of the Fargo skunk do not have a toxic compound. Nonetheless, some of the animals will develop allergic reaction if they have been exposed numerous times on the spray. Some of the negative reaction that can lead to the spraying of the skunk include vomiting, lethargy and redness of the eyes.

Aside from the spray of the North Dakota skunk, you should also monitor your pets for signs of scratches and bites. Skunks can carry the rabies virus and you will have to take your pet immediately to the vet to rule out any serious condition. By learning about the lifestyle and the behavior of the skunk, you can minimize the possible attack of the creature. In case you have something to do at night, be sure to carry a flashlight to avoid being surprised by the skunk.

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